Hair Swirls, Spins, Spirals, Coils, Twists, Twisties are Easy to Use and Elegant to Wear

My name is Debbie Drew Miller and I make hair swirls. I have been making them for 18 years and have always had happy customers.
Our youngest daughter was the inspiration for my new business selling hair jewelry on Etsy ( Fifteen years ago she was looking for something to wear in her hair to the ninth grade social. She was wearing a cream sweater over her dress that night that had tiny little pearls on it. I remembered some little pearls that I had twisted into my hair 50 years ago when I went to the junior prom and knew they would be perfect in her hair to match that sweater. Of course I couldn’t find them anywhere. So I decided to make some. My first attempt was rather crude with a flimsy ugly green wire but they worked. Her hairdresser loved them and told me to make more and she would sell them in her shop.
In 1999 I started selling on another auction site but in 2009 I switched to Etsy ( and it is so much fun to wake up each morning and find out I sold something while I was sleeping. The Internet has opened up a whole world of exciting opportunities. I am really enjoying it. My customers have been so nice. Lots of them remember the twisties from the 50’s and 60’s and it brings back a lot of memories for them. That makes me very happy.

Over the years I have improved the wire to a sturdy shiny tarnish resistant coil that works wonderfully. I add new designs and colors all the time. I am always on the lookout for a new bead or rhinestone to use. In 23 years I still have a 100% positive feedback on that other site and now for the last 13 years have had a 100% positive feedback on Etsy.
I also have a 100% money back guarantee on both sites if someone is not satisfied for any reason.
These are wonderful little hair twists, a remake of something I wore back in the sixties. They can be worn in short or long hair, but are perfect for upswept prom and bridal hairdos. They are simple to use (twist them to the left into the hair and out to the right), and very elegant to wear. When properly worn the wire should disappear and only the ornament will look like it is floating in your hair.

All the rhinestones have a dazzling shine; the faux pearls a beautiful luster, and the vintage stones all unique. I try to find the best quality beads and stones; even the acrylics have amazing shine to them. You won't be disappointed. They are all prettier than their picture. I guarantee it or your money back.

Hair Swirls are made individually by hand in a smoke free home. Unlike some others on the market today mine all have a bobby pin like tip so that they will not scratch your scalp. Directions are © copyrighted 2003. All Rights Reserved! Not recommended for anyone under the age of three.

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